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April 16, 2007


 In your letter of  July 2006, you stated

 << The American Rare Breed Association accepted this breed as a breed. A breed with a breed standard. It did not accept this breed as a German Shepherd Dog. It accepted it as a Shiloh Shepherd. This breed was accepted well over ten years ago. This breed should be breeding Shiloh to Shiloh. Yours or no other organization should be asking us to accept Shiloh Shepherd pedigrees mixed with German Shepherd Dogs. What is the sense? Why would we accept your breed and give it full recognition if it is still mixed with the German Shepherd Dog for breeding? You may have your reasons for wanting to do such, but that is not our mission. When an individual calls and asks what is a Shiloh Shepherd what should be ARBA's response? >>

IMHO ... ARBA's response should be .... It's a "type" of dog STILL under development as per the ISSR rules, established by Tina M. Barber, the founder, back in 1990!!

 Now ... let me provide you with a bit of history!!

 1. When I started showing MY <Shiloh Shepherd> dogs with ARBA, most came from AKC German Shepherd ancestors, although they no longer looked like the "typical"  GSD!!  Why don't you look at the picture of Captain & Mona??  Both dogs had AKC parents, but if you take another look at them, I am sure that you can easily tell that they resemble the Shiloh TYPE more so then any modern AKC/SV German Shepherd!   If you would like more visual proof, please view

2. Again, let me remind you that when Anita invited me to join ARBA, she assured me that you WOULD uphold my Standard, and the ISSR requirements, as set forth in my copyrighted article, Shiloh or LHGSD: Original ISSR Rules which lists the criteria used to determine if a dog could be registerd as a Shiloh Shepherd!   These criteria  (as well as my Breed Standard)  were  written and published before your organization was even in existence!  If you recall, we were showing with FIC, SKC, the TOBI matches and many other organizations back in the early 90's ... However, you were the new kids on the block.   Anita convinced me that you were going to use REAL AKC and FCI judges, etc. etc.  When we started attending your shows we always brought a LARGE entry!!  Some shows had dozens of Shiloh's participating!!  Then in 97 you agreed to let "Gary's" club start showing their dogs and I objected because they were NOT properly ISSR registered, but you didn't care!  Within a short time more groups were formed, and before long they were breeding all kinds of GSD's (calling them OTX) but still showing them as Shilohs!!The whole thing turned into mass chaos, and the ISSR people refused to support your show venues! Just look at the dogs that you were allowing into your ring!

3. Then this past year you started to "see the light" and realized what a mess things had turned into and sent out the above letter!!  GOOD FOR YOU ...  I agreed to encourage the ISSR folks to start going to your shows, but they still hesitated, not wanting to be in the ring with mixed GSD's that were professionally handled! However, I continued to encourage them to try some smaller shows anyway!!  But when they DID -- what did you do??  Disqualify their ISSR registered Shiloh Shepherds????

4. If you meant what you said in your letter ... then you MUST also disqualify Harley, since his pedigree is FULL of  AKC registered German Shepherds!!!  Please take a good look at the pedigree that I have enclosed and explain to me WHY he was allowed to be shown??

Oh ... and PLEASE don't tell me that it was because *I* approved "those" dogs as Shiloh's (like I did Mona and Shane, etc.. etc...) because *I* also approved Artus as a Shiloh!!!  Furthermore, as you can see, he was NEVER registered as a GSD!!  So please tell me WHAT "criteria" you ARE using??

 A.) If a dog was a GSD, but he/she met the STRICT ISSR requirements

  1. Size
  2. Hips
  3. Temperament
  4. Possess  a Pedigree with no less than 21 registrable Shiloh’s in the first 4 generations (minimum of 10 on one side) or 43 in the first 5 generations (minimum of 19 on one side).  These dogs are considered the ULTIMATE BREEDABLE QUALITY! A dogs registry papers may be re-evaluated at any time and downgraded to a lower level if that dog is used for breeding purposes and is producing an unusual number of offspring that do not meet the standards or all have certain faults. 

and his/her papers were turned over to the ISSR in order to "change" him/her into one of the acceptable foundation dogs that would be utilized in gene pool expansion, under my strict supervision (since I am still developing this breed)


 B.) The dog was a specially selected NON-GSD outcross that would be used to "refresh' the Shiloh gene pool, but NOT be used to produce ANY other "breed" progeny, like Artus...since he came from registered ASVD (Altdeutscher Schäferhundeverband Deutschland)  PARENTS! 

BTW .. Samson was also a "specially selected" outcross that I approved back in the early days, and you had NO problem providing titles to HIS progeny!! 



(pictured at left)

NS. bCh. London Shoen-Hirn Von Zion

as well as many others!

So .. in conclusion .. if you had NO problem accepting the AKC dogs that I designated as "Shiloh Shepherds" because they DID qualify, as per the ISSR rules ... nor the NB dogs (like Samson) that I used to expand the gene pool, WHY would you have a problem with my choice of Artus???

Because of your "new" GSD rules??  Well, Artus has NEVER been a GSD ... he has NEVER produced GSD pups, within the US, Canada, or anywhere in the world ... so WHY are you lumping him into the same pot as the dogs that the "dark side" has been using .. that ARE still AKC registered, and HAVE produced AKC litters when bred to another GSD?

Oh ... don't bother answering, I know what happened .. Harley's owner freaked that our ISSR PUPS might beat her "winningest" "stud" dog, and she ran to you complaining that our entries had "Artus" in their pedigree -- demanding that you disqualify them!!!  And that's exactly what you did ... so now WE are asking you to disqualify HER dog, because he DOES have GSD ancestors .. and the enclosed pedigree PROVES IT!!!

Pedigree Of Sir Harley of Shenandoah
Sex Dog
Parents Grandparents Great Grandparents
(AKC number coming soon)
(AKC number coming soon)
(AKC number coming soon)
(AKC number coming soon)
(AKC number coming soon)
D799180 03-90)
Produced using Breeders Assistant for Dogs software (tel: +44 1223 514074), Professional Edition licensed to . International Shiloh Shepherd Registry, Inc.

A Note From the ISSR, Inc. Board of Directors

Please note, the dogs shown in blue were AKC German Shepherds (some of the numbers have been inserted with additional AKC data being verified), but designated as ISSR Shiloh Shepherds by Tina M. Barber (same as any of the NB dogs she has chosen in order to expand her gene pool).  Only dogs that pass Tina's criteria, as per her ISSR requirements qualify to be called Shiloh Shepherds.  Please see the Original ISSR Rules.

Tina has also set up a NB (New Blood) program in order to maintain genetic diversity. However, at no time has she allowed indiscriminant breeding to AKC German Shepherds! The ISSR was formed in order to complete data on all Shiloh Shepherds since 1990, and has continued to do this! Since ONLY the dogs that Tina Barber selected qualified to be called Shiloh Shepherds, then we feel that ONLY the dogs that have legitimate ISSR papers should be allowed to be called by her name.

However, since ARBA has chosen to insist that ONLY "pure" Shiloh Shepherds with no less than 3 generations of PURE "Shiloh Shepherd" ancestors be allowed to show, then we must point out that Harley is not from "pure" ISSR ancestors because he has 6 German Shepherds in his 3 generation pedigree.

Please note that Artus was NEVER registered as a German Shepherd. He was registered as a Altdeutcher Shafeferhunde with the ASVD club (the European version of Tina's Shiloh, not the AKC version of the GSD).  Therefore, his progeny should be exempt from the ARBA "No GSD" rule! We fully agree that AKC German Shepherds should never be cross bred with true Shiloh Shepherds, but we also realize that we are dealing with a limited gene pool that was established by Tina Barber.  If/when the need should arise for a specific outcross, Tina has the right to select such a dog as was done in the case of Artus!

Another Note from Tina:

Robert, I am appalled at the treatment my club members received at your North Carolina Durham show. I was informed that Harley's owner complained to you about the REAL ISSR dogs, actually puppies, that were entered, because they had Artus in their 3 generation pedigree?

Well, let me assure you again that neither Artus, nor his parents, grandparents, great grand parents, etc. were EVER registered as AKC German Shepherds! You cannot compare apples to oranges! The "dark side" has been breeding their dogs to all kinds of AKC GSD's (calling them OTX).  So far I have counted over a dozen since 2002.

Nevertheless, if you want to uphold your rule, instead of mine that allows specific dogs that I have chosen to qualify for entry into the ISSR database as Shiloh Shepherds, then you must also disqualify Harley, because he does have AKC German Shepherds in the first three generations of his pedigree!

You should also revoke all of his titles, since this clearly proves that he is not a "Shiloh Shepherd" as per YOUR rules!!!  After all, what's good for the goose, should be good for the gander!!!  ;-) 

PS ... These dogs are NOT Shiloh Shepherds and don't claim to be!  Are you going to allow THEM to be shown as "Shilohs" too?

We look forward to your reply and encourage you to share it with the 1573 members of our Shiloh Shepherd Community Forums, who would love to hear what you have to say.

Tina M. Barber

Shiloh Shepherd Breed Founder

Shiloh Shepherd Dog Club of America, Inc.
International Shiloh Shepherd Registry


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