International Shiloh Shepherd Registry,  Inc. Licensed Breeder Requirements 

To enter the Licensed Breeder program as a Licensed Breeder in Training (LBIT):

1. You must have been an active SSDCA member for one year prior to applying for entry into the Licensed Breeder program.

 2. You must sign the current Licensed Breeder Agreement, the non-disclosure (confidentiality) agreement, the Breeders Code of Ethics and have a registered kennel name on file with the ISSR.

3. You must submit the name of your sponsor (mentor) and a letter of support for entry into this program.

4. You must join OSSA-1 and take an active part in the discussions/lessons. Failure to post on a regular monthly basis could result in access suspension.

5. Upon receiving entry into OSSA-1, you will be listed on the licensed breeder page as a LBIT.

To achieve full Licensed Breeder Status, you must:

1. Be a SSDCA member for total of no less than four years.

2. Have a registered kennel name for a total of at least three years.

3. Sign the then current Breeders Code of Ethics and Licensed Breeder Agreement.

4. Be an active, participating member of OSSA-1 for at least three years.

5. Have fulfilled/continued to fulfill the other requirements in the Licensed Breeder Agreement (advertising, submitting GTF data, mentoring, etc.)

Only breeders who have achieved full licensed breeder status possess full registry privileges within the ISSR!

If you are interested in joining the ISSR licensed breeder program, please contact the registrar Completed forms should be sent to the ISSR, at the Silver Springs address.

Revised 7/2/09; new address as of 2014