Please Note:
This page was first published in the Shiloh Shepherd Learning Center in November 1999; it remains here as part of the historical record. The "other club" has since disbanded although other spurious "registries" have sprung up.  For more information, please check:

Confusion and Shiloh Shepherd History: the first 40 years.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding the Amnesty Letter


  1. I am a member in good standing of the SSDCA.  Why did I receive the amnesty letter?
  2. Why am I being forced to join the SSDCA for a 5 year term?
  3. What benefits do I receive from my membership?
  4. What are the Guidelines for Breed Warden’s Approval of Breedings?
  5. Is there a contract to sign for co-ownerships?
  6. If my dog has already received adult papers why must he/she be re-evaluated?
  7. Who is my breed warden? How do I submit the appropriate documentation?
  8. My dog has a FORB/IABKCA/ARBA and an (ISSDC) championship. Will these titles automatically be recognized by the ISSR?
  9. Do you have a contract for me to sign?
  10. If my dog rejoins the ISSR, may I still breed him/her to a dog from the other registry?
  11. Upon joining the SSDCA am I entitled to a 4 generation working pedigree?
  12. If I have a breeders agreement on my dog and my breeder’s dogs have remained in the ISSDCR, what do I do?


1.  I am a member in good standing of the SSDCA. Why did I receive the amnesty letter?

We would like to apologize for any concern this may have caused you. If you responded to our August letter, your name should have been removed from the mailing list. The Board had no option other than to send this letter to everyone on the ISSDC list even though many SSDCA members who have never transferred their dog(s) out of the ISSR are still listed as members of the ISSDC. 

2. Why am I being forced to join the SSDCA for a 5 year term?

 The SSDCA board chose to provide ISSDCR dogs with complete amnesty regarding the fines that would have to be paid upon transfer.  Please refer to Section II “Types of Certifications of Registration” item A from the ISSR Rules and Regulations, quoted here for your convenience:

  A)     PINK Certificates of Registration will be issued to any dog/bitch that submits a completed Litter Blue or Yellow Paper prior to 210 days of age. Any litter paper submitted after 210 days, but prior to 365 days must include a $3.00 per day penalty fee with application.

These Temporary (Pink) Certificates must be upgraded to adult registrations PRIOR TO 14 MONTHS of AGE*

   A request for a 90 day NO FAULT EXTENSION must be submitted in writing prior to expiration.

   A written request for a six month extension can be submitted (with proper verification) in the event that OFA requests same, prior to providing a hip rating.

Any upgrades presented after 14 mo., except for those with valid extensions on file, must add an additional $1.00 PER DAY penalty fee with their application.  No applications will be accepted after 36 months of age.

For example, if your puppy papers were a year late, the penalty fee would be $1095 ($3 x 365 days).  Therefore, the board felt that the insignificant amount ($125) required with the 5 year membership would be to your advantage.

3. What Benefits Do I Receive from my membership?

Members receive 3 all color newsletters per year plus other mail outs, the opportunity to participate in our co-op ads and the right to be listed on our website, but most of all, they have access to the educational programs offered by the breed founder as well as articles printed regularly in our newsletters. 

Furthermore, as per  Section 2 of the SSDCA Constitution, approved by the membership in 12/93, the objectives of our club are:

a) to encourage and promote quality in the breeding of purebred Shiloh Shepherds and to do all things possible to bring their natural qualities to perfection;

b) to urge members and breeders to accept both the standard of the breed as approved by The International Shiloh Shepherd Registry, Inc. (l.S.S.R., Inc.) as the only standard of excellence by which Shiloh Shepherds shall be judged, and the I.S.S.R., Inc. as the only legitimate registry;

c) to do all in its power to protect and advance the interests of the breed by encouraging sportsmanlike competition at dog shows, obedience and working trials;

d) to conduct sanctioned specialty shows and obedience trials under the rules of the American Rare Breed Association (ARBA) and also to hold Search and Rescue and Herding Trials, Schutzhund evaluations, and Temperament Test Certification, as well as other recognized K-9 sporting events, e.g. Agility, Flyball, etc.

e) to promote public awareness and education concerning the beauty and versatility of the Shiloh Shepherd Dog, through mass advertisements, pamphlets show attendance, newsletters, etc.

f) to promote positive breeding practices by introducing an intense "Breeders Code" for members that are sincere in the improvement of the Breed.

g) to refer prospective new Shiloh Shepherd puppy owners ONLY to breeders that are in good standing with the Shiloh Shepherd Dog Club of America, Inc., and signers of the Breeder’s Code.

h) to encourage the public NOT to purchase puppies from unscrupulous or "backyard’ breeders through mass education; and the advertising campaign named "Caveat-Emptor" or "Buyer Beware".

i) The Official Club Logo MUST contain the American Flag, nine stars, and the Christian "Fish" symbol along with a silhouette or picture of a Shiloh;

j) to subscribe to the rules and regulations of the I.S.S.R., Inc., although the I.S.S.R., Inc., as a registry in and of itself, is a separate entity from the S.S.D.C.A., Inc.

The Board felt that anyone interested in breeding their dogs would certainly want to be a participating member in our club in order to work with us in a team effort toward fulfilling these objectives! 

4.        What are the guidelines for Breed Warden’s Approval of Breedings?

  Since the ISSDCR does not have color classifications in their registry, all dogs that are listed as non-breedable will automatically receive B/W papers  as per ISSR Registry Rules Section II item E, quoted here for your convenience:

E) BLACK/WHITE Certificates of Registration will be issued to any dog/bitch that

Does not qualify for breeding privileges due to an excess of breed warnings and/or "MAW" ancestors, not approved by the Breed Warden, or

         Does not pass the required hip X-ray certification, or

         Does not pass the required temperament certification, or

         Has been specifically sold with a non-breeding stipulation as requested by the breeder. *

All breedable dogs will automatically receive Orange certificates of registration as per Section II Item C:

  C)ORANGE Certificates of Registration will be issued to any dog/bitch that either:

         Possesses the required minimum of 16 "Registrable" Shilohs in his/her first 4 generations or 34 in 5 (with a minimum of not less than 7 on one parents side and the remainder on the other.) and/or

         Any dogs from the GOLD GROUP that did not pass all of their requirements or size, and/or

         Dogs that may otherwise qualify for Gold papers, but that the breeder deems as unsuitable for full breeding rights; or one that has been sold by the breeder on a separate breeders agreement, for a reduced price, and/or

         Any puppies resulting from a breeding, approved by the Breed Warden, but having four or more (X) breed warnings in the first four generations, or two or more "MAW" prefixed ancestors in the first five generations.

         Any dogs that would qualify for GOLD but whose hips are rated as "SP"***.

*** Upon completion of progeny testing if less than 80% have passed their hip evaluation or more than 20% have failed to pass with good hips, the ORANGE status will be immediately revoked and B/W papers issued.

Therefore, per ISSR Rules Article II Item

  B) Any Litter Application submitted to the I.S.S.R. listing 4 or more Breed Warnings in the first 4 generations or two or more "MAW" prefixed ancestors in the first 5 generations or listing an "ORA" male as the Sire or an "ORA" female as the Dam, MUST be presented with a specific approval notice signed by the Breed Warden.

  5.        Is there a contract to sign for co-ownerships?


  1.      The original registration papers submitted to the ISSR must be accompanied by a release document signed by the co-owner and legally notarized for ISSR papers to be issued solely in the new owner’s name.  Otherwise all co-ownerships must be upheld and both parties will be required to adhere to the guidelines of the amnesty letter.

  Please note: any documentation sent in where the co-owner section has been whited out will be returned and no papers issued.

  B      Any ISSDCR registration certificate without the original ISSR certificate attached must be investigated by a Breed Warden to determine its validity.

  All documentation must meet with the standards set by the ISSR.

  6.        If my dog has already received adult papers, why must he/she be re-evaluated?

  If your dog meets the following ISSR requirements for permanent registration you must submit the documentation listed below, as per ISSR Rules, quoted here for your convenience:

  All applications for permanent B/W, RED, ORANGE, or GOLD certification must be submitted to the ISSR, Inc. with

1) A copy of the original Pink Certificate, plus

    1. A copy of an OFA (Preliminary) (taken over 12 mo. of age) Certificate, or Permanent Penn Hip Rating (taken over 12 months of age) plus,
    1. DNA results taken by attending veterinarian prior/during x-rays, plus
    2. A certificate validating height and weight signed by a veterinarian, K-9 Judge, or accredited trainer
    3. A copy of an ISSR, Inc. approved Temperament Test Certificate. A CGC (with Gun Test) will be accepted in the event that an acceptable TT Certification is not available within 100-mile radius.  Please refer to ATC  (Alternate Temperament Certificate) form   plus
    4. Along with 4 pictures of the individual dog to be registered, taken while standing (1 from the front, 1 from the rear, 1 right side, 1 left side) (No Polaroid's accepted)  plus
    5. Along with a completed TCCP "Owners Info Chart" listing detailed 
      information on this particular dog as well as DOMINANT & RECECESSIVE FAULTS & VIRTUES, as provided for on the special TCCP charts signed by the owner & breeder (or licensed judge)

This documentation must be presented to the appropriate breed warden who can further answer any additional questions.

  1. Who is my breed warden? How do I submit this documentation?

We have divided the alphabet as follows:

Please contact the appropriate breed warden if your last name begins with:


Pam McCloskey (


Lyn Segee  (


Karen Ursel  (

  8.        My dog has FORB/IABKCA/ARBA and an (ISSDC) championships. Will the titles be automatically recognized by the ISSR?

The ISSR recognizes all legitimate show organizations. Therefore, we do not recognize the ISSDC breed club championships. Even though you may have win sheets, the time for submitting them to the ISSR has expired. Furthermore if they were not on official ISSR forms, they would have been returned if you had attempted to submit them. Please note the following rules from the ISSR Rules and Regulations ( quoted here for your convenience) for attaining your breed club championship:

Section 5: Submission of Win Sheets

All Win Sheets must be mailed to the ISSR, Inc. within ten days from the date of the show in which points were awarded, or those points will be lost. Requests to extend this grace period due to extenuating circumstances must be submitted in writing prior to the expiration of the ten day period. The ISSR, Inc. will remain the sole determiner of whether or not to grant extensions.


* Incomplete/incorrect Win Sheets will be returned and a $10 re-submission fee will be charged per Win Sheet. If they are not re-submitted with the required corrections completed along with the handling fee enclosed - within the time limit provided the reserve Winners Dog/Bitch will be awarded the points (minus 1) earned at that specific show.

SHOW REPORTS: listing the dates; am/pm; name of show; location; etc. plus the # of points your dog earned at each show can be ordered DIRECTLY through the TCCP by sending a copy of your dog's Registration Certificate along with the $10.00 fee to:

The Complete Computer Place
702 Rein Dr.
Killeen, TX.

              Upon completing your ISSR championship, your dog will be entitled to to be prefixed by the appropriate "iafc" validating your  additional championships.  All other titles (obedience, Schutzhund, etc.) earned will be recorded on your registration certificate and pedigree  upon validation of documentation submitted to the TCCP. For more information please refer to "Registries, What are They?"

9.        Do you have a contract for me to sign?

No.  Upon joining the SSDCA, Inc., you will be required to sign the Breeders Code of Ethics. 

We require that you send us:

1.        a copy of the letter that you sent to the ISSDCR terminating your dog’s ISSDCR registration

2.        a letter stating that you agree to the requirements stated in the amnesty letter

3.        submit your dog’s paperwork (as per ISSR Rules) for evaluation to the appropriate Breed Warden (see above)

10.     If my dog rejoins the ISSR may I still breed him/her to a dog from the other registry?

The dog may only be bred with Breed Warden’s approval. In the event that you breed out to a “Shiloh Shepherd” that is not ISSR registered, you would be breaking the contract agreement and the ISSR would have no alternative but to permanently suspend all of your dog’s breeding privileges with the ISSR.

11.     Upon joining the SSDCA am I entitled to a 4 generation working pedigree?

As a member of the SSDCA, you are entitled to order any pedigrees/reports issued by the TCCP.

12.     If I have a Breeders Agreement on my dog and my breeder’s dogs have remained with the ISSDCR, what do I do?

You will need to privately work out a suitable agreement with your breeder releasing you from that contract.

The Breed Wardens will be contacting all breeders for verification of data. You may want to address this issue ASAP. We cannot process your dog’s papers unless you have sole unrestricted ownership to said dog or your co-owner/breeder agrees to transfer with you.  

Under no circumstances will the ISSR allow its integrity to be compromised.


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