Alternate Temperament Certificate Form





 I.    Due to the growing number of Shiloh Shepherds and the distance involved in their locations, the need has arisen to expand the acceptable temperament testing methods and locations.

II.    Effective immediately, the following testing procedure will be accepted.

  • Canine Good Citizen with gunfire test

  • American Temperament Test Certificates

  • Schutzhund B Qualification including gun test (score sheets must accompany test results on all procedures)

III.     Also acceptable is a video tape showing the dog

  • Walking among busy surroundings, i.e., fair, flea market, busy street, mall, etc.

  • Approaching another animal, i.e., bird in cage, another dog, cow in pasture, etc.

  • Walking on an unfamiliar surface, i.e., wire mesh, plastic, subway grate, in water, etc.

  • Reacting to gunfire, i.e., fireworks, car back-fire, popping balloons, etc.

  • Reaction to an unfamiliar person staging an attack on the owner while on leash. After the “attack”, dog should be asked to make friends with the attacker.

  • Reacting to a slowly opened umbrella.

    Please note: Incomplete tapes will not be accepted.

IV.  Graduation from a recognized obedience class where the gunfire test is included.

We hope in the future to have our regional chapter leaders certified as temperament testers.

Form ATC 11/98


ISSR Rules and Regulations