The Shiloh Shepherd™ Licensed Breeders Pledge

I hereby promise/pledge my total allegiance to the Original Shiloh
Shepherd Dog and to the SSDCA which represents it.

I also promise/pledge to completely, honestly, and openly advance
and promote the Original Shiloh Shepherd™ Dog, to do any testing which
Tina/Lisa want done, and to NOT in any way, shape, or form compromise
the integrity of the Original Shiloh Shepherd™ Breed.

I will be proud to willingly work with Tina/Lisa in any way deemed
necessary by either Tina or Lisa, or both, to improve the development
of the Original Shiloh Shepherd™ Dog.

I will not always totally agree with everything that happens or is
stated in the Original Shiloh Shepherd™ Dog "World", but, I will
handle such situations with dignity and not compromise the entire
Original Shiloh Shepherd™ Dog Breed and its reputation in the process
of resolving the problem.

Linda L. Williams
Debbie Knatz
Karen Ursel
Bill and Jill Gerew
Corinne and Jason Filipski
Lilli Anglin
Lyn Segee
Kristie L. Butler
Olga Twombly
Ina Bushon
Diane McClure
Pam Dymond-Weed
Shari Lowe
Gloria Setterlund
Lynn Casto
Wendy Fullerton
Mynde Bunker
Dawn Swick
Audrey Harrison
Jessica Strauss
Wanda Wilson
Barb and Dave Cullen
Pam McCloskey
Robin Erlach
Jan Lutsic
Cindy Pring
Gary Felty and Lori James
Sharon Joshlyn
Stephen and Barbara Betcher
Jay and Mary Lou Luckett
David Schlosser and Jennifer Harle


This completely voluntary pledge was written by ISSR LB Linda L. Williams on 8/25/2002 and remains on this website as a historical document.  Some who signed this pledge are no longer affiliated with the breed or with the ISSR.

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