Baby deer, baby Josh and Megan circa 1994

Cody, Megan son, circa 1999

CH Morris Good Morning Mona, circa 1998

Ensomhed Luke von Shiloh

Smoke-Snow-Aslan of Zion, Warrior's brother

Konrad Braveheart of Zion



Shiloh Shepherd FAQ

What's the Difference between a Shiloh Shepherd™ and a GSD?

Temperament and Training (what kind of temperament should I expect from a Shiloh, training techniques, ideal Shiloh temperament)

Proper Puppy Socialization (Important new article by Tina Barber, describing how best to socialize a puppy. This article is being reprinted in an upcoming dog anthology.)

Breed Specific (How was the Shiloh developed, what breeds are in the Shiloh, inbreeding, line breeding. Don't be fooled by Internet rumor, get the FACTS in a nut shell!)

Who To Call (having purchased a puppy, who do I call for different types of quesions/situations)

Real Questions Honest Answers from the Shiloh Shepherd Breed Founder

Don't Miss the most comprehensive information about Shiloh Shepherds available on the internet!

Do yourself a favor before selecting a breeder/puppy and read this Q&A!


Shiloh Shepherd Puppy

FAQ: Purchasing a Puppy (things to consider when purchasing a Shiloh Shepherd, written by Tina Barber in 1999).

Pricing Guidelines for ISSR Shiloh Shepherds (how much should you expect to pay for a Shiloh Shepherd?)

Where Do Pets Come From? (Not every puppy is a show/breeding prospect. This article describes how a responsible breeder determines which puppies will be classified as show/breeding prospects and which will be pet quality.)

Investigate Before You Invest  (Originally written in July 2000, updated in 10/2001--important things to consider before choosing a breeder)

Protecting Breed Development by Tina Barber, Left- Korcha 1990, Right-Shadow 2007

ISSR Licensed Breeder Matrix (extremely important information that you should investigate prior to contacting any of our Licensed Breeders. These charts will give you the exact details of each Licensed Breeder's activity while affiliated with the ISSR. It also lists those who are no longer active as well as important information about their past involvement.

Confusion (Confused about the myriad of "registries" and acronyms? Breeders claiming a long association with the breed founder or taking the breed in new directions who are not associated with the ISSR, the original and only incorporated Shiloh Shepherd registry? Be sure to read this article!

Rare Breeds: What Are They? (New June 2005) A must read before searching for a "Shiloh" "breeder"!

Buyer Beware (New Oct 2005): what you need to know  prior to purchasing a puppy.

Don't Be Fooled (updated July 2006)
Critical information that you don't want to miss!

Shiloh Shepherds - A Breed Under Development (new February 2011) - The true history about this breed and its founder!

Shiloh Rescue Network
(for anyone interested in  possibly adopting an older Shiloh, we have some wonderful dogs up for adoption)


CH Moriah's O Daughter of Zion

Abbey and Dylan, circa 2002

Captain 1990

Adam and David, 2001

NS CH Zion's Angus Quinn for Cash

Apollo and Zeus, 2006


Before Purchasing a Puppy, please be sure to read The Shiloh Shepherd Story, Against the Wind a Breed is Born

Puppy Breeders: What Are They?

Don't allow yourself to be tricked into purchasing an unhealthy mutt!


Take some time to read these informative articles!

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