Message From the Judge

Thanks to Tina and Gary, I was able to participate in a unique educational opportunity that I had long believed should be held on a regular or frequent basis. At AKC shows, at least where an AKC “rep” is present, judges are in­hibited from making any comments at all except for non—committal answers to direct questions. I don’t think this is right, and (don’t tell anybody) I make a practice of telling those who place in the ribbons what I’ve seen in their dogs. At the Homecoming Match, I was able to judge without the restraint of AKC rules, which meant I could give critiques on every dog, and invite owners, breeders, and other interested parties into the ring to hear, see, and feel.

 Exhibitors appreciated the fact that they got definite, overt evaluations based on the Standard of the Breed and my understanding of canine structure and movement. Some remarked that no one had ever pointed out certain faults or virtues in their dogs, and many said they had never before been told what to look for and how to find it. One of the high points in my judging experience so far was the comment by an exhibitor that she was about ready to give up showing, but changed her mind when she saw how a judge could be fair, pleasant, and helpful.

Another great blessing related to my judging and Hip Dysplasia seminar assignment was the special relationship of family on a spiritual level that is only known by Christians who’ve experienced the new birth. Tina and Gary’s testimony that they had had the same experience that I had in 1966 was music to my soul. I’m so glad that we not only share a love for the German Shepherd Dog, but also an infinitely greater love for the Lord.

Fred L. Lanting

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