Again, as a matter of historical interest, here are the letters from the President and the Advisory Board candidates in 1999.

Letter from the President

Dear Members,

As you can see by the enclosed ballots, we are in another election year. Our club has been growing at a tremendous rate, many new and dedicated members have been added. I would love to see all of this new enthusiasm we have been flying with continue through the next millennium, and beyond. Many of you have experienced the agony of what “politics,” misinformation, and paralysis can do to a club. The wrong people end up with full control, and you eventually lose your rights. The majority of board members elected in ‘96 resigned within a few months, and some proceeded to start a splinter club. This led to their formation of a “club registry” last year that is now in a lot of trouble already! Furthermore, the animosity created between members of both sides has had an extremely negative effect on the entire breed.

Since some previously elected board members resigned; as per our constitution, I had to temporarily fill those voids until now. The present SSDCA Advisory Board of Directors has been working very hard to rebuild our club, our breed’s credibility, and provide a friendly environment for all present and future members. We have held regular meetings, as well as weekly “emergency” session when needed. These meetings have been very productive, and much ground has been gained. Since the SSDCA, Inc. is the parent club for the ISSR, it is the board’s responsibility to “speak on your behalf regarding these matters also. At this time we are dealing with several important decisions that must be made concerning dogs that were born into the “splinter” group. Many of their owners were not properly informed of the consequences their participation would entail. Our ABD has been working very hard in order to find a way to help these people. Much more work has to be done, before a satisfactory solution can be implemented.

I would personally like to encourage you to take the time to investigate the nominees for your next board, and vote! Since these people will be representing you for the next 3 years, it is important that you take this matter seriously! The leadership of your club will be determined by whom you vote for! You have every right to call these nominees personally and ask them questions. Make sure that you feel comfortable with their knowledge of our breed, as well as their dedication to the future welfare of our club. Please note: If your membership has expired you are not eligible to vote as per our constitution, unless you send in your renewal dues with your ballot.

We have always been a democracy, and as such the “voice of the people” has always been important, so let your voice be heard—loud and clear. If you feel that you are not “qualified” to make such judgments, then get more involved, quickly. If you have computer access I would like to encourage you to join our OneList community. At this time we have 143 members. Many of these people (over 100) are not even SSDCA members (yet), some of them are members of the splinter group that have joined in order to get better educated about our breed. I have spent literally hundreds of hours answering questions that were presented by this group; all of my replies may be accessed by reading the archives, once you have joined. If you have e-mail capabilities, please join today!! Nearly 200 of our club members have not joined yet! All you need to do is to go to (our web site) and then scroll down to where you see the counter, you will see a blue & gold square that says “one list” with instructions right below. If you truly love your dog(s), and this breed, please show everyone your support!

Yours truly,

Tina M. Barber

Billy Pelllicane

Hi all,

My name is William Pellicane and I am up for re-election to the Board of directors for the S.S.D.C.A. Some of you may know me as ‘Brooklyn Bill” slave to the infamous ‘Warrior”. I live in Brooklyn which is a borough of New York City. I grew up around German Shepherd dogs which my grandfather bred and raised. My wife and I began breeding dogs about 7 years ago. We bred giant Alaskan malamutes (Wakon lines) before we became involved with the Shilohs. We are members of the Alaskan Malamute Association of Long Island and help organize their weight pulling events. Currently, we share our home with our 4 Shiloh Shepherds Warrior (Snow/Shep), CoCo (Torah/Laz), Autumn (Triton/Mckayla) and Penny (Shelby/Warrior). In addition to our Shilohs we have 2 giant Alaskan malamutes, a New York City Special, and believe it or not... a lhasa apso. All of us are serenaded daily by our canary Cagney!

Although I work full-time in Manhattan, my afternoons are spent coaching boys and girls basketball and baseball teams (depending on the season). My weekends are spent at tournaments or rare breed dog shows. Most evenings you can find me online discussing Shilohs or learning more about dogs.

I joined the S.S.D.C.A. in 1992 and was one of the first to become a life-time member of the club. Shortly thereafter I took a trip to Zion Kennels to pick up my new puppy. At the last minute, Tina switched puppies on me and told me that a male from another litter would be more suitable for me. I trusted my instincts and his breeder and took home the pup that she choose for me. This little pup grew up to be ‘Warrior’. A massive black sable male with cream markings that stands 32" at the, shoulder and is full of New York City attitude.

Over the past few years, I have been actively involved with promoting the Shilohs in this area with Pam McCloskey. We appeared on the "Family Pet” cablevision show with her and Shelby in March of 1995. We have also done Pet expositions, and educational events. Last year we formed the Big Apple Dog Association for Shiloh Shepherds (B.A.D.A.S.S.) and I was elected to the Board of directors of the S.S.D.C.A. and appointed head of our Grievance Committee.

I hope that you will consider re-electing me to the Board and I thank you for considering me. Now, I must go search for that tree that everyone says “Grows in Brooklyn”


Billy Pellicane
Bilan Kennels
, NY

Pam McCloskey

Dear SSDCA Members

Hello, my name is Pamela McCloskey and I am up for re-election to the Board of Directors for the S.S.D.C.A. I have had the honor of serving on the Board for the last year and would like to tell you about myself. I live in the center of beautiful Long Island and work full-time as a Research Scientist in a local hospital. My husband and I have 2 sons and share our lives with 2 shilohs, a labrador, an alaskan malamute, 2 maine coon cat wannabes, 2 cockatiels, salt water fish and invertebrates.

I have been a member of the S.S.D.C.A. since October of 1993. I joined the club to learn more about the breed while I anxiously awaited the arrival of my Captain/Lizzy puppy. In addition to joining the club my husband and I traveled to rare breed shows to meet these wonderful dogs and their owners. It was at my first show that I met Billy Pellicane and his 10 month old male Shiloh named Warrior from Brooklyn, New York. We kept in touch and became good friends. Billy and Warrior have helped me in all of my endeavors with the Shilohs!

In July of 1994, I finally picked up my Shiloh puppy bitch who I named Pinewoods Lil-Shelby of Zion. Shelby was the first Shiloh Shepherd In Long Island and I wanted everyone to meet her and learn about these dogs. In March of 1995, I contacted Dr. Jonathon Greenfield of a local cablevision show and told him about my pup. He was so impressed that he invited me to appear on his show called The Family Pet. I invited Billy and Warrior to appear with us on the show and they agreed. Shortly after the show aired I received over 100 phone calls inquiring about the breed and puppy availability. Later, I arranged an educational event at a local pet store and contacted all those people and invited them to come and meet the Shilohs in person. Billy and I were there with Shelby and Warrior. We spent hours talking to folks and handing out free literature. Over the years, we have continued to educate the people of Long Island and New York City about the breed. We have done educational events at other local stores and participate at the Long Island Pet Exposition each year where thousands of people come to see these animals. Our booth at the Expo attracts a huge crowd and we have been interviewed by both local radio shows and appeared on TV’s “People and Pets’ in May of 1998.

As a result of all these appearances we now have over 50 Shilohs in the area and our numbers continue to grow. In 1998, we formed our own Chapter of the S.S.D.C.A. known as the Big Apple Dog Association for Shiloh Shepherds (B.A.DA.S.S.) and currently have about 20 members. I have organized two Shiloh Shepherd Specialties on Long Island and publish a quarterly newsletter for the BADASS bunch. It is a lot of hard work but I enjoy it thoroughly.

I would be honored to serve on the Board once again if you decide to re-elect me. Thank you for your consideration.

Warmest regards,

Pam McCloskey
Highlife Kennels
Farmingdale, NY

Karen Ursel

Dear SSDCA Members,

Thank you for the privilege of serving on the SSDCA Advisory Board for the last year and for the honor of being nominated to serve for a complete term.

We have been involved with Shiloh Shepherds for almost three years. During that time I have:

  •          Participated in a weekly training class where we not only train our dogs but have the opportunity to learn from Tina

  •         Attended over a dozen shows in three states and handled Beauty to her breed club championship

  •          Helped form NESSA (North East Shiloh Shepherd Association)

  •         Imported the first New Blood (ADS)

  •    Created the Shiloh Shepherd Learning Center website and have been the webmaster of the SSDCA site since May 1998. We are now averaging over 330 visitors per day. The site  provides the most complete information about Shilohs on the web and has evolved into what Tina intended it to be, the Shiloh Shepherd Information Center.

  •        Created and am the moderator of the ShilohShepherd mailing list, which has grown to over 135 members since it’s inception on May 9th. This provides all Shiloh owners and Shiloh owner wannabes the opportunity to learn more about Shilohs, whether they are on AOL or not. It is providing great community spirit.

  •           Have studied Relationship Coefficient and canine genetics

On a personal note, I have been married for 15 years and have two sons. Our boys are involved in training and showing their dogs. John has shown at Penns Creek, FORB, and Homecoming.  Bobby won Best Junior Handler at Homecoming in 1997 and handled NS bCH Ursel’s Black Beauty of Zion, CGC  when she won BOS at the 1998 Homecoming. My husband Jim has retired so that he can dedicate himself to the care and maintenance of these magnificent animals. I have worked for a major imaging company for almost 24 years. For the last seven years, I have provided technical support to important medical accounts as an imaging consultant.  I have experience working with different factions to bring about improvements. For the past three years I have also worked on the company’s website.

We will not limit our dedication and financial commitment to this breed! I look forward to continue serving this breed into the new millennium! 

Karen Ursel
Trillium Hill Kennel
Conesus, NY

Pam Dymond-Weed

Dear SSDCA Members,

I have been asked to run for a position on the SSDCA Board. It is an honor to be considered. It took a lot of ruminating to decide between yea or nay. This was not an easy decision as there are many issues facing the future of our Club and of our chosen Breed.

Being the type of person who tries not to jump in with both feet, I find myself doing just that, because in the long run, this Club and this Breed do matter to me. Through the years, life has granted many learning lessons. One very important lesson is the ability to listen, wait and digest the information at hand before reacting. This has been a hard lesson to learn and I have made my share of mistakes along the way and will continue to do so. But if elected I will hold myself to that learned lesson.

Since we are a Club scattered far and wide, and we do not really have the chance to meet each other except on the Internet, here is some background.

I am a mid -forties married woman who resides in Shoreline, Washington , which is located just outside of Seattle. We are currently owned by one cat, one Shiloh and thirty some fish.

Dogs have always been an important part of our lives. Whether they were purebred or mixed didn’t matter. Whether they could be shown or not shown was unimportant. First and foremost was our ability to give them a good quality life. In the seventies we purchased a Newfoundland while living in Pennsylvania She led me to the DOG world of professionally grooming, training for obedience and breed showing. Because of what was happening with the constant changing of breed standards in the AKC world, I left that part of the dog world behind me, but I have continued to work with people and their dogs as a friend. The amazing thing is that the dogs always continue to teach me. The addition of our Shiloh Shepherd has brought me back to the showing and club world.

The policies and tenets of the SSDCA are a very good foundation to keep this a whole breed in mind and health. If we lose sight of those guiding principals we could very easily lose the breed. I would hate to see this happen. If by serving on the board I can help keep those policies and tenets intact, that I would be honored to do just that

Thank you,

Pam Dymond-Weed
Shoreline, WA

Pat Urso

Dear Fellow Members,

I wish to continue to be the leader of CLASS and a member of the SSDCA Board of Directors. My qualifications for the positions is as follows:

  • I have been a member of the Shiloh Shepherd Club since 1991.

  • I am the proud owner of a 7 year old silver and black smooth coated Shiloh, Trask.

  • I have served two terms on the Shiloh Shepherd Board of Directors-the first term in 1994 and most recently 1998-99,

  • I am committed to furthering the Shiloh Shepherd breed.

  • I have defended the breed during the AOL wars and continue to do so as needed.

  • I am not a breeder and believe having just an owner on the board is important. Those of us that buy Shiloh’s are important and I believe I can adequately represent us.

  • I am committed to enforcing the breeder’s code and insuring the genetic viability of the Shiloh breed.

  • I have just begun to get CLASS organized and believe that continuity is needed now to insure that CLASS becomes well established, and fully functioning soon.

Pat Urso
Rhinelander, WI

Barb Cullen

Fellow SSDCA Members,

Allow me to introduce myself: My name is Barb Cullen and I live in Stouffville, Ont in Canada I fell in love with the Shiloh Shepherd 4 years ago. My first Shiloh, Storm (Laz/Sheba) is a huge grey sable! One year later, Jenna (Sasquatch/Torah) arrived on the scene! And, just like Tina said she would she has produced 6 beautiful, healthy and large puppies! This litter was the first ever born in Canada! What a wonderful experience it has been, but definitely requires a lot of hard work!

If someone were to ask me what my goals are with regard to the club, I would say that they are:

1.  To protect the Shiloh
2.  To promote the Shiloh
3.  To continue to educate myself about this wonderful breed
4.  To unite all Shiloh owners back into 1 club and 1 registry

As frustrated as I have been at times regarding the ISSDC (splinter club), I have made many great friends in the Shiloh world, and I truly feel that the breed will be far better off with a united group.

On a personal note, I have been married for 16 years to a wonderfully crazy Scotsman named Dave. We have 2 sons, Devin (15) and Brad (11).

Yours sincerely,

Barb Cullen
Vision Kennels of Canada
Richmond Hill, Ont. Canada

Lyn Segee

Hi Fellow Members and friends,

Lyn Segee is my name and Shiloh Shepherds is my game!

I can’t remember a time when I didn’t have a dog and my best companions were German Shepherds. I grew up with German Shepherds and my children grew up with German Shepherd. In 1990, I belonged to a very intelligent, large-boned, somewhat over protective, but gorgeous German Shepherd. He and I were inseparable. Any new additions to my life, whether it be man or beast, had to pass his inspection and acceptance -- just ask my husband, Marc-- I lost that beautiful creature in the fall of 1995. To fill the void, Marc and I searched for another shepherd - what a time we had! We saw so many different versions of the breed and they were all called German Shepherds.

Sometime in March of 1996, I happened to be looking through a copy of DOGS USA and noticed an ad for Shiloh Shepherds. A particular smooth coat named Triton caught my fancy. He looked like a large German Shepherd! Just what we were looking for. After some research about the breed, we made an appointment with Tina Barber, the Breed Founder and visited her kennel. We were in “seventh heaven”. Giant size and great temperaments were evident We were hooked! We brought home our first Shiloh, Terra in June 1996. Wasn’t long and we discovered super intelligence. No false advertisements here! We now share our Humble abode with 6 Shilohs - Terra, Sonja, Cash, Tango, Goliath and Duncan. We also have 4 German Shepherds.

I continually educate myself about this beautiful Shiloh Shepherd breed. Tina has been an excellent teacher and mentor. Whelping litters and temperament testing 7-8 week old puppies has also been an important part of my continuing education. In the past 3 years I have been privileged to assist with over 20 litter evaluations in various states. I have also qualified as a temperament tester for older (10-14 month) Shilohs.

I am a member of the Shiloh Shepherd Dog Club of America, Inc., the International Shiloh
Shepherd Registry, Inc., The North East Shiloh Shepherd Association and Drill Team, The Big Apple Dog Association for Shiloh Shepherds and continue to participate in Saturday Shiloh Shepherd Training Classes.

Our kennel, Highlander Shepherds is registered with the ISSR, Inc. I have also stretched my legs in the show ring a few times. Our Sonja is only 4 points away from her championship.

I also work a full-time job in an insurance office so my four-footed friends can continue to live a life in which they have become accustomed.

I love this breed and promise to continue to learn as much as I can about them so I can be a source of valuable, knowledgeable information for the membership, fanciers, friends and future owners. I promise to keep an open mind when listening to individuals whether the issue is problems, concerns or opinions and to make decisions for the betterment of the Shiloh Shepherd breed and for unity of the Shiloh Shepherd Dog Club of America, Inc.

Thank you for this nomination and for your support!

Lynette A. Segee
Highlander Shepherds  
Mt. Morris, NY


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