As a matter of historical interest, here are the "campaign" letters of those running for the SSDCA Board in 1996. (Reprinted verbatim from the March '96 Newsletter).

Jerry Pack

Hi! My name is Jerry Pack.

Most of you don’t know me, but a few words about myself for those of you who don’t.

I belong to Triton, McKayla & Sullivan.  (Shawna & Jake have also joined us). Those names are probably more familiar!

Up until the birth of our first litter of pups in the fall we could be found at most of the shows in the reasonable radius of NY state. Nine puppies & four adult shepherds can really cramp your travel style.

The last few years have brought many great changes to the Shilohs. More people are going to the shows, publicity has increased & many new members have joined the ranks. “Progress” always comes with a price. Our club organization & registry are the heart of our future—2nd only to our dogs!!

An organization is only as good as the people that are members of it. What we stand for as individuals will affect our breed as a whole.

I believe that as a board member, I can represent each of you fairly and can relate to many situations that you may be going through. I am available to talk with & can attend scheduled meetings. I am not afraid to speak for you and am not swayed by a group “feeling” if that is not what I believe to be right.

As I have always said – My tomb stone may read “He Was a Jerk – But At Least He Was Always Honest!”

Running for office is not my usual thing, but this is a growing time. Also a time with some turmoil. A group of committed leaders who have faithfully stood by during the past years can make a difference by working together. We can keep this breed alive and well for the generations to come.

This is my goal and commitment to you and our Shilohs.

Thank you.

Julie Jajowka

To: Shiloh Shepherd Culb Members

From: Double Axle Kennels

            Julie Jajowka

            AOL Riker 36

First I would like to thank everyone who nominated me. For those of you who don’t know me; my name is Julie Jajowka, I live in Rochester, Minnesota, I am the owner and handler of Bionic Double Axle of Zion, owner of Double Axle Kennels, a member of the VIB program and a member of ARBA. I am a hairdresser licensed by the State of Minnesota and a State Licensed Child Care provider. I work two jobs that revolve well around raising 3 girls and their schedules. And a husband who works plus hours at IBM. We are a busy family, but now a days who isn’t.

We are the proud owners of Bionic Double Axle of Zion (Axle): a highly intelligent, extremely social and very protective. What more could a girl ask for. We came to learn about Shilohs through months of research and many phone calls to Steve Betcher and Tina Barber who gave us wonderful insight and a greater understanding that a Shiloh Shepherd is not just a dog, he will be a family member you adopt for life. I believe people need to be educated about the Shiloh they wish to adopt along with the impact this new family member will have on their life. This type of education will keep our Shiloh Shepherds from being adopted by the wrong people and promoted by the right people.

I love Shiloh Shepherds and I am a very conscientious person. In order to help promote this breed I felt I needed to join Tina’s VIB program to better educate myself about the Shiloh Sheperd, their genetics, their history, how to promote the breed to reputable people and over all good breeder ethics.

As for my future plans, we will be adopting a female Shiloh soon, to attend as many dog shows as possible, and to one day be a reputable breeder with the help, and knowledge from the VIB program and other Shiloh Shepherd club members. With this type of education and people who care we can make our Shiloh Sheperds future a GREAT ONE!

Joan Ayers Cohen

Many thanks for nominating me to the Board of SSDCA, Inc. I’m so pleased that you thought of me.

Since North Star came into our lives almost three years ago, Shiloh Shepherds have been the focal point of my life—where I go, what I do, and how much I spend on toll calls every month!! This is a full-time love for me.

The Club has been a big part of my life in many different ways. As Chairperson of the Disciplinary Committee and also writing the Shiloh Showtime column for each Newsletter, I am always interacting with other members. As Show Director I have had an opportunity to research new kennel clubs for the sole purpose of showing our dogs. This will give us the ability to attend shows in many different areas of the country in addition to American Rare Breed Association (ARBA), Homecoming and our own Specialties. Howard and I just returned from Florida where we showed in World Wide Kennel Club to get information for Tina on the group. You will be hearing more about this in future Newsletters.

Last fall I was fortunate to be able to finish my apprenticing as a Shiloh Shepherd Judge, which was SO exciting to me. I also apprenticed at Homecoming, and helped Tina and Wendy do BCR’s while there.

The VIB program was extremely helpful to me as a member in November when North Star had eight beautiful “Starletts,” a litter of double Champion puppies. I am lucky to have wonderful puppy Owners who have kept in touch with me and are a joy to work with.

Our SSDCA, Inc. is moving in new and exciting directions, and I would like to help in raising the accomplishments of the club to the next level. I hope you will give me the opportunity to continue to work for the good of our dogs by electing me to the Board of Directors.

Gale Richardson

Ms. Gale Richardson

Nominee for the SSDCA, Inc. Board of Directors

Some of you know me by my SSDCA Newsletter insert, “The West Coast Connection”, and others know me personally. I look at this as an opportunity to serve and help protect our beautiful breed. As you know, many breeds are lost or ruined by the lack of concern for their protection. Puppy mills and breeders who think they know it all, breed inferior dogs which leads to their destruction. Tina, under God’s guidance, has been the sole protector of our breed. Now that our numbers are growing and more protection is needed, I would like to commit myself to helping achieve this goal for the good of the Shiloh’s.

The club was formed by Tina to bring dogs and their owners together to enjoy, share and love each other. We must maintain the highest of standards through a strong, working group of people who are willing to learn and follow strict guidelines set to perpetuate our breed.

Although I do not have a college degree, I do have a great deal of common sense. I bought my home at 23 years of age, I run my own hairstyling business (advertising, accounting, insurance and public relations, etc.), and I own and operate Sunstar Kennels as a VIB. I am a distributor for Solid Gold products, the company that has the wonderful Red Raspberry Leaves for bitches, to aid in whelping, as well as many other Holistic products. I am currently a SSDCA, Inc. Director at Large for the entire West Coast Region, giving Temperament Tests for permanent registration, learning through videos sent to Tina and Wendy, how to grade them. I not only urge members to show and promote their dogs, I actively aid them in doing so.

I believe our new Board should bring together business minds, legal minds, and some common sense. I will bring to the Board my GENUINE CONCERN AND LOVE for our Shilohs. I will protect and maintain the Breeders Code of Ethics and will encourage others to do the same. I will uphold the ISSR By-Laws. I believe we have to make some changes as our breed grows and I would be honored to be  a part of those changes. It is time to guarantee that our Shilohs are protected from becoming just another lost breed and that all of Tina’s hard work in creating this beautiful breed was not in vain. If I am elected I will loyally do everything I can to sustain our breed. As my parents are elderly, I handle a great deal of their affairs because I wish to protect those I love.  I will do the same for all Shiloh’s.

Please vote for me in this election, and I thank you for your time.

Dana Russe

Hello, my name is Dana Russe and I live in Washington State. My husband and I and our two daughters have two Shilohs: Cruiser a ten month male black and tan plush (Cisco x Asher) and Shasta a four month female golden sable plush (Shep x Snow).  I got involved with Shiloh Shepherds a little over a year ago when I was looking for an old-time German Shepherd like the one I had growing up. Sound familiar?

My family sent me “back east” last August where I got to spend ten days in NY, PA, DE and MD at Homecoming and the Toby matches. In between those two shows I visited with Tina, Wendy, Don and Alisha Leilich and Terri Casy and her family. This was a wonderful opportunity to see lots of Shilohs, meet SSDCA members and pump Tina and Wendy for information about the breed and club.

Although this is our first entrance into dog showing and breeding, both Richard and I have shown and raised Quarter Horses all our lives and I have, on a very small scale, shown and raised Persian cats. What a combination! However, participation in these two areas have given me some background experience that crosses over into the dog world.

I was “appointed” by Tina as the VIB program coordinator. Because of the VIB program, I have been lucky to stay connected and involved with the club processes and many members. I have helped Tina plan and prepare newsletters, homework and resource information for the VIBs. As a special project, I have been working with the veterinarians studying the back problems that affected some of Captain’s puppies, providing them with information and genetic backgrounds necessary to their investigation.

My goals are to enjoy our dogs, show them, raise some great puppies and do what I can to facilitate the ongoing successes of the Shiloh Shepherd. Our dogs are special and I would like to be a part of the TEAM that ensures the continuation of the breed. I have been honored with a nomination for the position of SSDCA Board Member and I hope you will vote for me.

Lisa Barber

To all the wonderful members of the SSDCA, Inc.

I just want you to know how THRILLED I was when several of you informed me that I had been nominated for a position on your board!

Since I grew up with these dogs, I have had a lifelong passion to continue the excellence, my mother has always strived for!! Although I realize that I would probably be your youngest Board member. I may lack some years, BUT I certainly had plenty of EXPERIENCE!

Back in the mid ‘80’s it was our policy to video tape our training sessions, many of those tapes show me training my Shelties & Shiloh’s. I have been publicly demonstrating these dogs, in front of LARGE crowds, since I was 7 yrs. old!! I completed Megans SCH.A title in ’88, and then finished her CHAMPIONSHIP in ’91!! She was the FIRST Shiloh to receive an official ATTS Certificate and the first smooth coat GRAND VICTRIX!! Her performances impressed many people!! That year I also flew to Texas (with Grizz) so that I could encourage other Shiloh owners to show & train their dogs. I have represented our breed at numerous (over 90) shows all over the US & Canada. You have probably seen me pictured with SHEP, GRIZZ, PAX, CAPTAIN, LEX, MONA, KORCHA, SABER, SHANE, ETC. ETC. ETC…

I have written a few articles in the old Newsletters, and I have typed MANY of my moms!! Unfortunately, I have not been able to attend most of the shows these past 2 yrs., because of my boys. Even though I DID come to some shows in ’94, it was really difficult to take care of Joshua (BUT ALWAYS appreciated, those of you that helped “baby-sit”!!) Then when David arrived-well you know!! I wasn’t even sure that I could accept the responsibility of a board position yet, but after much thought, & considering the fact that my boys will be much better travelers by next year, I am convinced that I CAN do the job, and make you proud!

Thank you again.


William Pellicane

Hi Members,

My name is William Pellicane, known to most in the Shiloh Shepherd World as “Brooklyn Billy”. I’m asking you all to please vote for me to become part of your Board of Directors for The S.S.D.C.A.

I have been involved with shepherds since I was a youngin. My grandfather was a G.S.D. breeder and he passed on to me his love dogs. I have always had a shepherd in my life since. Breeding and raising Alaskan Malamutes, with the help of my wife, Ann Marie, have given me a first hand knowledge of breeding. I have done various things on a Cable TV Show with the help of Pam and Tom McCloskey (HIGHLIFE KENNEL). Also, we have had educational days at Pet Smart Food Stores and have worked the Shiloh Shepherd Booth at the Long Island Pet Expo.

I AM currently OWNED BY three Shilohs – WARRIOR, COCO and AUTUMN, and they are the reasons why I am asking you to vote for me.

Thank You.


It is very crucial to the future of our organization, that you take some time to investigate these nominees carefully! Don’t just vote for a “familiar” name, or a “pretty” face…Get to know these people!! Make sure that they know how … you feel about the issues. After all, they will be voting as your representatives!! We need  a strong board…Take your vote seriously!! Pick the people that will do the most for our club! Let your voice be heard!

The Aftermath?

Jerry Pack, Gale Richardson, Julie Jajowka, Dana Russe and Lisa Barber were elected to the Board of Directors.

All  Board members elected in August 1996 (other than Lisa Barber) resigned from their positions before the end of the year.  

Julie Jajowka (JRiker) left the club by the end of the year and is vocally no longer involved with Shilohs in a positive way.

Gale Richardson joined the new club in 1997. Still breeding (outside of the ISSR), her dogs are registered with?

Joan Cohen resigned from the Club and joined the Kings by year end.

Dana Russe joined the new club in 1997 and is no longer involved with Shilohs.

Billy Pellicane was appointed to the SSDCA Board in 1998, elected to the Advisory Board in 1999 and is retiring this year.

Jerry Pack did not sign the ISSR Licensed Breeders Agreement in 2001 and is currently (2005) breeding outside of the ISSR.

Lisa Barber is now the Vice-President of the SSDCA.

The Moral?

Cast your vote carefully. Study each candidate's positions. Look at what they have done for the Club over the years.

More information will be up soon.

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